Welcome to Contact Memory, LLC

Contact Memory's mission is to develop applications and provide Information Technology services by bringing innovative ideas to your everyday technology needs. We strive to assist customers seeking organizational technology to help with personal, business, and marketing task. Contact Memory creates new ideas that focus on making complicated task easier by using ground-breaking software designs.

Download Contact Memory Now!!!

Great News! The mobile application is here and everyone is loving it. So far we have received 5 stars on apple and android platform. Don't miss out on getting the upgraded version for free. Limited time only!!!

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The Next Generation Contacts App

We are ready to move the contact application to the next generation. Don't be left behind!

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We Are Driven By Our Custmers

First mobile application development companies that truly listens to it's customers.

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Why did we feel the need to evolve the contacts application?

The story of behind why we built the Contact Memory mobile application

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